May Speaker - Monica Rougeau

May Speaker - Monica Rougeau SPEAKER CANCELED

May 08, 2020

May Speaker - Monica Rougeau

Monica Rougeau Guest speaker

The May Zoom meeting will be held May 8th at 12 noon

The Optics of Leading: Transparency, Trust & Transformation!

“Optics” is a word used for what people are seeing in a situation and their perceptions of it. As we work to facilitate transformation in our organizations, teams or families; the reality we must face is in the perceptions of the people we are trying to lead.

In this session, we’ll touch on how to develop transparency, build trust and facilitate transformation for those we serve.

  • I. Perceptions are your reality
  • II. Cycle of Transformation
  • III. Building Trust
  • IV. Starving For Transparency

About Monica Rougeau

Monica Rougeau is the Owner/Founder of Elevare providing Leadership Formation to growth-minded individuals & organizations. She had an almost 30-year career in Corporate Healthcare before branching out to pursue her passion of elevating others to become true servant leaders.

Since taking that leap of faith to leave the security of a corporate position, she has gone through the ups and downs of many small business startups. She went from fumbling free-lancer, to business partners and an international contract, failed partnerships and now to a new level of momentum and growth in unexpected & rewarding ways.

Through these twists and turns of life and career, she continues to challenge herself to get out of her comfort zone to experience the magic that grows beyond it.

Monica is married to her husband of 30 years and has been blessed with three beautifully gifted children. She enjoys reading, learning and cooking authentic Cajun comfort food for family & friends.

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