2024 May - Sandra Booher - Travel and Hospitality Entrepreneur

May 2024 - Sandra Booher - Travel and Hospitality Entrepreneur

May 10, 2024

2024 May - Sandra Booher - Travel and Hospitality Entrepreneur

Sandra Booher is a seasoned entrepreneur and a recognized leader in both the hospitality and travel industries. With a robust foundation in corporate America as a former comptroller for major companies, Sandra transitioned to entrepreneurship, channeling her expertise into founding the Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed & Breakfast. This acclaimed establishment in Youngsville, Louisiana, has become synonymous with romantic getaways and is celebrated for its impeccable service and elegant charm.

As a natural extension of her talents, Sandra also excels in event planning, particularly weddings. Her venture, Cajun Mansion Event Venue, is revered for its meticulously organized, stress-free weddings. Under her leadership, Sandra has assembled a formidable team of seasoned wedding professionals, each dedicated to executing flawless events that reflect Sandra's commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

Parallel to her success in hospitality, Sandra thrives as part owner and a trusted travel advisor at Two Travel Gurus. With over a decade of experience, she brings a profound depth of knowledge and an unmatched dedication to crafting personalized group travel experiences. Her journey began within the United States but soon expanded internationally, spurred by a passion for history, diverse cultures, and global exploration. Today, Sandra is devoted to crafting transformative journeys that connect her clients with the vibrant locals of Acadiana, ensuring each trip is not just a travel plan but a passage to personal discovery, lasting memories, and coming back feeling like family.

Sandra's dual role as a hotelier, venue owner and travel guru embodies her overarching philosophy: to enrich lives through exceptional service and transformative experiences. Whether planning a dream wedding, a romantic getaway, or a global adventure, Sandra Booher remains your expert guide, mentor, and advocate in the pursuit of unparalleled satisfaction and delight in every endeavor.

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