Two Gurus Travel - April 2024 Speaker Sponsor

Two Gurus Travel - April 2024 Speaker Sponsor

Apr 18, 2024

Two Gurus Travel - April 2024 Speaker Sponsor

Travel with the Gurus

TWO TRAVEL GURUS believe “wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.” Our Social Travel Group offers new friends you can share experiences with. Whether traveling solo or as a couple, you will be in the company of exceptional like-minded people who revel in the wonderfully transformative magic of a journey.

Sandra and Nancy offer a great support system through step-by-step travel tips and verify you are ready for your new experience. You’ll meet with your social travel group quarterly, get to know everyone, and we offer an optional 250-page travel book once the trip is over!As a platform for celebrating all kinds of travel, we aim to gather solo and group travelers who can be inspired to head out and discover new things about themselves and the world. Travel is exciting, inspiring, and fun. We travel to meet different cultures, learn, escape reality, relax, explore, drink and eat. 

We are lucky to live in a world where travel is easier than ever, and more people travel today. Grab your passport and check out our travel destinations below and decide which trips are for you. By joining our FREE VIP club, you’ll get notification of available trips prior to them going on sale.

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