Policies & Procedures


  • Article III. - Officers
    • SECTION ONE. The officers of this association shall be President, President-Elect, Membership Vice-President, Program Vice-President, Public Relations Vice-President, Newsletter Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These eight officers shall constitute the Board of Directors, along with the Board Member-at-Large and the Arrangements Chair.
    • SECTION TWO. All officers and the Board Member-at-Large shall be elected at the meeting immediately preceding the Annual Meeting and continue in office for a period of one year, or until the next subsequent election. No officer may serve for more than one year consecutively in the same office.
    • SECTION THREE. Interim vacancies in office may be filled by a majority of the remaining members of the Board of Directors voting thereon.
  • Article II. - Purpose
    • SECTION ONE. To provide a professional, educational and personal support network for career-oriented women.
    • SECTION TWO. To provide an arena in which career-oriented women can meet one another for the purpose of sharing ideas, experiences and needs in relation to their careers.
    • SECTION THREE. To promote professional achievements of women in the community.
    • SECTION FOUR. To provide models for the community.
  • Article I. - Name
    The name of this association will be Connections.
  • Article IV. - Meetings
    • SECTION ONE. The Annual Meeting shall be held in May of each year.
    • SECTION TWO. At least one regular meeting shall be held each calendar month.
  • Article VI. - Amendments
    • SECTION ONE. This Constitution may be amended at any Annual Meeting by a two-thirds vote of all members in good standing present; or
    • SECTION TWO. This Constitution may be amended at any Regular Meeting by a two-thirds vote of all members in good standing present, if seven (7) days written notice has been given all members.
    • SECTION THREE. All by-laws and standing rules may be adopted, amended or repealed at any Regular Meeting by a majority of the regular membership present.
    • SECTION FOUR. Any proposed amendment to the Constitution or By-Laws should be presented to the members in writing at least seven (7) days prior to the vote.
  • Article VII. - Dissolution
    • SECTION ONE. Upon dissolution of the association the assets of the association shall be distributed to the University of Southwestern Louisiana with instructions that the assets be used for women’s scholarships.
  • Article V. - Quorum
    • SECTION ONE. A majority of the regular membership of the association shall constitute a quorum at any regular or annual meeting, but at no time shall the lack of a quorum prevent those present from proceeding with the business of the day.
    • SECTION TWO. A quorum of the Board of directors shall be five.

Connections By-Laws

  • Article I. - Dues
    • SECTION ONE. The annual dues of Regular Members shall be thirty-five ($35.00) dollars.
    • SECTION TWO. The annual dues of Student Members shall be thirteen ($13.00) dollars.
    • SECTION THREE. Dues are payable within thirty (30) days of notification in the newsletter by the Membership Vice-President. Members who do not pay their dues within the thirty (30) day period after notification shall be dropped from the membership rolls and will be assessed a reinstatement fee of ten (10.00) dollars.
  • Article III. - Duties of Officers
    • SECTION ONE. The officers of this association shall perform their duties in order to achieve the purposes of this association.
    • SECTION TWO. The regular one-year term of office for each officer and Board Member-at-Large shall commence June 1. The fiscal year shall end April 30.
    • SECTION THREE. The duties of the officers shall be as implied by their respective titles, and as specified by Robert’s Rules of Order. The Board Member-at-Large shall act as a liaison between the membership and the Board. The Arrangements Chair shall be responsible for logistical arrangements for all Connections events.
    • SECTION FOUR. The President shall appoint all standing committees, except the Nominating Committee and the Advisory Committee, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, and shall be ex-officio member of all standing committees except the Nominating Committee. The President, with the approval of the Board, may appoint special committees as needed.
    • SECTION FIVE. All officers may appoint other members in good standing to assist them as a committee, with the approval of the Board of Directors.
  • Article II. - Membership
    • SECTION ONE. Connections memberships shall consist of Regular Members and Student Members.
    • SECTION TWO. The regular membership shall be composed of members in good standing who may attend all meetings, serve on committees, serve as officers and enjoy all other benefits of Connection membership.
    • SECTION THREE. The student membership shall consist of any college student who is not employed full-time. A student member in good standing may be a committee member but may not serve as an officer or board member.
    • SECTION FOUR. In order to maintain a membership in good standing, each member must pay dues in the amount and on the date set by the Board of Directors. Members must attend a minimum of six (6) meetings a year.
  • Article IV. - Committees
    • SECTION ONE. There shall be six standing committees: Audit Committee, Nominating Committee, Advisory Committee, Career Achievement Awards Committee, Professional Development Committee, and Scholarship Committee.
    • SECTION TWO. The Audit Committee shall examine the books of the Treasurer and report to the Board of Directors prior to the Annual Meeting each year.
    • SECTION THREE. The nominating committee shall be composed of eleven (11) members in good standing, who have been elected at the January regular meeting. The slate of nominees shall be presented in writing at the February Board of Directors meeting and published in the newsletter in February and March. Nominees for office must be members in good standing per Article II, Section 4. The Nominating committee must contact each person whom it wishes to nominate to obtain her acceptance before making its report. Every effort should be made to achieve age, occupational, role model and employer balance on the slate.
    • SECTION FOUR. The Advisory Committee shall be made up of previous board members and shall serve at the request of the Board of Directors in giving advice on special projects.
    • SECTION FIVE. The Career Achievement Awards Committee shall be composed of members in good standing. They will announce in February each year those women in the community whom they believe have achieved significant professional achievement or advancement during the year. A reception will be held by this committee to honor the recipients.
    • SECTION SIX. The Professional Development Committee shall be composed of members in good standing. They will provide a minimum of two special professional development seminars or programs during the year which may benefit and be accessible to the majority of membership.
  • Article V. - Board of Directors
    • SECTION ONE. The Board of Directors shall have the power to transact general business of the organization at all Board of Director’s meetings, to fill vacancies in any office, and to act upon all matters concerning membership.
  • Article VI. - Meetings
    • SECTION ONE. Regular meetings shall be held at noon on the first Friday of each month, except when that Friday falls on a holiday weekend; in that event, the meeting will be held on the second Friday of the month. The regular meeting for May shall be scheduled by the Board of Directors.
    • SECTION TWO. Special interest meetings, if authorized by the Board of Directors, may be scheduled at any time and may be used to fulfill membership attendance requirements.

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